Remarkable High Times Festival in… Amsterdam (Where Else?!)


This year, the 26th edition of the High Times Cannabis Cup will be held in Amsterdam from November 24 – 28. The Cannabis Cup is a remarkable festival that features music, comedy, an expo and, as the name of the festival already suggests, cannabis. Although it might seem like a strange combination at first glance, […]

Taking and Sharing Great Concert Photos


You don’t have to get backstage passes or be a hired photography professional to take spectacular photos at a concert. Even from the back where everything is dim, blurry and downright disappointing, improvisation will do just the trick to make you look like you had VIP access. Used by the concert photographers themselves, an AF-S […]

When it Comes to Streaming Music, the UK is Ground Zero for a Big Battle


In the battle for smartphone dominance and music discovery, three UK services are among the most popular and most controversial in the world. The country’s tech industry has produced giants like GrooveShark, Spotify, and Deezer, giving the world a new way to listen to their songs, interact with the cloud, and find new artists that […]

Ashton Kutcher Stirs Up a Fight at the Stagecoach Country Music Festival


The Stagecoach Country Music Festival is one of the most exciting and laid-back music festivals in the United States when it comes to the rapidly expanding market for the country music genre. That’s why it comes as a bit of a surprise that security guards intervened this week when Ashton Kutcher reached out to interact […]